OPENVERSE General Assembly: MARTEL meets with Consortium Partners

Martel Innovate colleagues gathered with the OPENVERSE consortium partners in Pisa last week. The purpose of this in-person meeting was to facilitate dialogue, decision-making, and coordination among consortium partners of the OPENVERSE project. What are the expected outcomes and impacts of this initiative? What have we achieved so far?

To understand the development of the virtual worlds’ ecosystem, the partners will work together and address various features of the future of virtual worlds. The importance and effectiveness of co-creative approaches in enhancing the accessibility of an open human-centric approach to virtual worlds is fundamental.

Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel, explains the importance of establishing European virtual worlds characterised by openness, transparency, inclusivity, ethical and environmental responsibility, and to enhance EU’s technological sovereignty. “It will elevate the profile of OPENVERSE across Europe and beyond, ensuring that its vision, progress, and successes are widely recognised and appreciated.”

Martel takes great pride in having had the opportunity to engage in discussions regarding its accomplishments and future collaborations. The gathering was centered around the strategic planning for forthcoming events and workshops, with the primary aim of enhancing community engagement as well as spreading awareness. Attendees collectively delineated the targets, structures, and operational details for these assemblies, thereby guaranteeing that they were in harmony with the project’s objectives and progress markers.

OPENVERSE is a three-year Horizon Europe Coordination and Support Action. Its partners represent a blend of research institutions, technological enterprises, and innovative organizations from across Europe. Each brings their distinct expertise to this collaborative venture, ensuring its success and influence in shaping the future of the Metaverse. Consortium partners are The Lisbon Council for Economic Competitiveness and Social Renewal (Belgium) – project coordinator, IDC (Italy), Martel Innovate (Switzerland), Trust-IT (Italy), COMMpla (Italy), Inspiring Futures (Switzerland), Politecnico di Milano – Department of Design (Italy), University of Galway (Ireland), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), XR4Europe (Belgium), International Data Spaces Association (Germany), Data AI and Robotics (BDVA) (Belgium).   

To learn more, please visit the OPENVERSE website.