Getting the SDGs back on track with Intellectual Property

Getting the SDGs back on track with Intellectual Property

Building our common future with innovation and creativity: 2024 Intellectual Property Day highlights how Intellectual Property can support the SDGs

On April 26th WIPO organised the 2024 edition of the World International Intellectual Property Day.

Progress towards SDGs has been slow since the inception of the programme with only 15% of the objectives on track.

In response to the slow progress, dozens of events across the world will focus on how Intellectual Property can help resume progress towards the SDGs.

What is Intellectual Property?

Getting the SDGs back on track with Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property (IP) has a key role in fostering creativity and innovation: benefiting from a secure recognition and remuneration system for intellectual work encourages creativity and innovation, which are essential to bring change to society.

The WIPO efforts to support the SDGs come in times of growing concern on the fast advance of human-induced climate change (or ‘anthropogenic climate change’ referring to changes in the Earth’s climate system primarily caused by human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, industrial processes, or e-waste), while being slow in implementing climate adaptation strategies.

Advocating for Sustainable Development

Martel Innovate work has a strong connection with IP: our projects either generate or support the IP generated by European research organisations and companies to provide cutting-edge solutions to emerging problems. Martel is a strong advocate of reducing digital environmental footprint, for example through novel energy-efficient telecommunication solutions ( and a stronger Open Source ecosystem ( ; in line with the broader Green Deal’s objectives.

In the words of the Director General of WIPO Daren Tang “to put the SDGs back on track, we need to harness intellectual property as a catalyst to unleash the power of innovation and creativity to address our common global challenges”.

The 2024 World Intellectual Property Day is a key occasion to celebrate innovators and creatives around the globe and to support their efforts to bring positive change to our societies. Take part, discuss, disseminate and explore events in your country.