Meet Martel’s new CTO: a Leader in Innovation and Technology

Martel's new CTO: a Leader in Innovation and Technology

Martel Innovate is happy to announce the appointment of its new Chief Technology Officer, Dr Massimo Neri. Massimo brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company, with over 20 years of experience in delivering Telecommunications, Cloud, IoT, and Mobile Software prototypes and solutions in research, innovation, and commercial projects.

Over the years, Dr Neri has served as technical leader in many European Commission and European Space Agency funded projects, managing complex settings with a sharp analytical mind. Before joining Martel, he has been leading and managing an Italian SME for more than 10 years, successfully delivering 35 commercial software projects. With his expertise in Cloud application platforms and IoT, Massimo is ready to drive the Martel Lab to new heights, helping grow our business in new directions.

“I kicked off my education as telecommunications engineer in Bologna, I then followed up with a PhD and a Postdoc, also at University of Bologna, and continued as Research Associate QUALCOMM in San Diego, California, being able to acquire a wealth of diversified technical skills. Even if later in my career I have also eagerly taken up managerial and administrative roles, I have always perceived that my core identity, my vocation is technical. I am excited to be able to focus once more on a technical role and being active in the research field”, says Massimo.

Massimo’s track record speaks for itself. He has been the scientific and technical coordinator for the European Commission research project SKYMEDIA (2010-2012), which had a budget of Euro 3.2 million and involved nine international partners. He was also the technical lead for the European Space Agency project “OFDM for 4G SatCom” (2010), where he successfully coordinated a team of five research engineers and exceeded the planned project objectives. Massimo also designed and developed the IoT automotive platform for the InsurTech project FAIR, which was funded by the European Commission (2018-2020), and authored more than 40 peer-reviewed publications, including journal papers, book chapter contributions, and articles in international conference proceedings.

“In Martel, innovation is a ubiquitous fabric that permeates the organization at all levels, it is the ideal ground to put my skills and expertise to good use. Further, Martel’s rich network of partners and customers is an excellent starting point to be leveraged to achieve sustainable innovation and digital transformation at a larger scale”, says Massimo.

In his role, Dr Neri will be consolidating and managing the growth of the Martel Lab team, he will lead the structuring and consolidation of the Martel IT infrastructure to boost and sustain the company growth. In doing so, Massimo will also renew and strengthen the existing relationships with our Customers and Partners, fostering the creation of new business relationships and R6I collaborations.

Martel's new CTO: a Leader in Innovation and Technology

Massimo in action from the very first days in Martel with several colleagues.

Massimo has a hands-on approach to management, is proactive and resilient. With his wealth of technical skills but also his personality and dedication, his appointment as the new CTO of Martel Innovate is a great step forward for our company”, says our CEO Dr Monique Calisti.

Massimo is already involved in several of our latest Horizon Europe projects, bringing into the game his great energy and knowledge! Meet him soon on several of our channels and future events/meetings!