Martel at work for Digital Autonomy in the Computing Continuum

European digital autonomy and interoperability

Martel is pleased to announce the launch of two new Horizon Europe projects, fluiDOS and OpenContinuum, aimed at fostering and supporting European digital autonomy and interoperability. Martel is also thrilled to announce that Albert Seubers, who has consolidated experience in secured edge technologies, data spaces and smart cities, has been appointed as the new Director of Martel Innovate BV and will take over the coordination of both fluiDOS and OpenContinuum.

fluiDOS is unifying edge and cloud

fluiDOS marks Martel’s involvement in a new Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action project. The start of the journey was marked by the kick-off meeting, held between 6-8 September in Turin, Italy. This project will deliver a fluid, dynamic, scalable, and trustworthy computing continuum, spanning across devices and unifying edge and cloud in an energy-efficient manner.

Martel Ieads the fluiDOS governance, supported by a consortium that includes 15 other organisations that work together to build a business model for a fluid continuum that supports the economic viability of fluid computing. At the meeting hosted by University of Politecnico of Turin, the consortium presented their individual project contributions and discussed how to coordinate planned activities, as well as the impact creation ones. Overall, Martel and the consortium are keen to ensure that fluiDOS will enable the emergence of a multi-stakeholder market of edge services and apps crucial to ensuring a European digital autonomy that is safe, open source and innovative.

OpenContinuum builds an open ecosystem for the computing continuum

One day later, on 9 September, Martel Innovate engaged in the kick-off meeting of OpenContinuum (held online), together with the consortium partners: Eclipse Foundation Europe, Inside, Atos, and Trialog.

OpenContinuum is a Horizon Europe Coordination and Support Action set to foster a European strategic autonomy and interoperability through an integrated open ecosystem built around Open Source and Open Standards. The goal is to effectively blend the two vibrant communities of Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling prosperity in the Cloud-Edge-IoT domain. Martel will oversee the OpenContinuum project coordination, as well as lead the communication and dissemination strategy and community building.

During the kick-off meeting, the consortium discussed several key topics to move forward with strategies and actions for driving open-source initiatives, linking communities and standardisation organisations, and liaising with an open ecosystem. Martel team defined the tools and processes to engage the OpenContinuum community. Another important topic of discussion was the project portal,, and the engagement with project partners on how to combine data onto a single platform.

Martel announces Albert Seubers as the new Director of Martel Innovate BV.

The start of the fluiDOS and OpenContinuum also marks the start of Albert Seubers as the new Director of Martel Innovate BV that is taking over the role of Coordinator for both the projects. Albert brings many years of experience that he gained working in the international digital transformation scene involved in the development of innovative digital technologies and solutions. Albert is a strong believer in the power of data and he has been playing a major role in several smart cities initiatives as the former Director of global strategy IT in Cities at ATOS.

“As we need near real-time information to better understand the impact of our choices on the environment and liveability of our cities. Where privacy needs to be respected when capturing data, secured edge technologies are needed. Governments and cities should collaborate more to create this information-driven society. Using Open Source and common interoperability mechanisms will speed up the process of realisation”, says Albert.

Albert will also play a key role in the strategic and operational business development of Martel. He graduated from Wageningen University in 1985 and has worked in IT services for Public Sector ever since, being involved in many publicly funded and commercial projects and initiatives in Europe and beyond.

His experience, his skills, and his position in the Netherlands and within the broader Europe and digital innovation scene are major assets to help Martel’s business growth also in a more commercial-oriented perspective.