Martel contributes to the future European platforms for the IoT and Edge with two Meta Operating Systems (OS) projects

Martel coordinates two Horizon Europe projects

Martel will coordinate two Horizon Europe projects aimed at strengthening the European supply and value chains in cloud-edge-IoT computing: FluiDOS and OpenContinuum.  They are expected to innovate and energize the European position in these domains, by championing approaches and techniques from cloud/fog/edge communication and computing, with an additional look at the integration of 5G features and network virtualisation.

FluiDOS will deliver a fluid, dynamic, scalable, and trustworthy computing continuum that will build on consolidated operating systems and orchestration solutions, resource sharing in the computing continuum, AI-based optimisation for cost and energy, and a zero-trust paradigm to enable an open, collaborative ecosystem.

OpenContinuum’s core ambition is fostering European strategic autonomy and interoperability through an open ecosystem for the computing continuum, with a key role for Open Source and Open Standards as enablers and routes to effective and widespread adoption. It focuses on the supply-side of the computing continuum and it blends and unifies the Cloud, Edge, and IoT domains at the conceptual, technological, and community levels.

“The objective is to develop meta operating systems for the edge that enable cloud and edge computing orchestrations by bringing computation, data and intelligence closer to where the data is produced – sensors and devices – and by which volume, variety, interoperability, and velocity should be handled sustainably, efficiently and securely. These two projects are key enablers for the European twin transition and overall prosperity in the Cloud-Edge-IoT domain and more widely in the data economy while promoting and upholding European values”, said Dr Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel.

About FluiDOS

FluiDOS consortium has been designed to cover the whole value chain of the continuum computing industry: verticals solution providers in the energy (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico -RSE SPA), manufacturing (Robotnik Automation SLL) and agriculture (Terraview GmbH) will steer the definition of FluiDOS, that high qualified research institutions (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Elliniko Mesogeiako Panepistimio, Politecnico di Torino, Technische Universitat Berlin, Universidad de Murcia) will bring to life leveraging best in class open-source solutions in collaboration with technology providers (CYSEC SA, IBM Ireland, Martel Innovate), an edge infrastructure operator  (Consorzio Top-IX -Torino E Piemonte Exchange Point),  a  network operator  (Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo SA),  and a  device provider  (STMicroelectronics Grenoble 2 SAS).  The consortium is completed by an expert in energy policies and sustainable business models (Borderstep Institut für Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit Gemeinnuetzige GmbH) and an alliance of SMEs (European Digital SME Alliance).

About OpenContinuum

The diverse OpenContinuum consortium (two SMEs, a large industry, an Open source foundation, and an industrial association) brings together unrivalled competence and experience in the coordination and support of the European Commission, as well as industrial and research communities in the Cloud, IoT, Next Generation Internet, Data Security, and 5G domains among others: the project partners are Martel Innovate BV (Coordinator), Atos Spain SA, Eclipse Foundation, Trialog, INSIDE.