Martel joins the 6G-IA to make Next Generation Networks and Services happen

Martel joins the 6G-IA

Martel joins the 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA), which gathers top players in Europe from Industry and Research at work to ensure Europe’s leadership on 5G, beyond 5G and SNS/6G research.

Following up on major involvement and important achievements within the context of the 5G Public Private Partnership and its affiliation to the 5G Infrastructure Association, Martel is committed to engaging and contributing to several research and innovation efforts led by the 6G-IA in close collaboration with several top players in the European R&I Telecommunication scene.

As Martel joins 6G-IA, this is a great opportunity for Martel to contribute ensuring Europe’s leadership on beyond 5G and 6G research while enabling the full deployment of 5G. By building upon our expertise and knowledge and extending our liaisons with other members of the 6G-IA, our ambition is to establish our presence in the Telecoms arena as competent and trusted partners both for Horizon Europe efforts and for commercial projects.”, said Dr Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel.

This step is aligned with several previous R&I activities and ongoing Horizon 2020 projects Martel has been involved in the last few years, focusing on different aspects of the 5G development and deployment.

Martel has been in fact among the main contributors to the Smart Networks and Services (SNS) Partnership proposal submitted to the EC by the 5G-IA, closely collaborating also with the NetWorld2020 community – now renamed as NetWorldEurope.

Martel and Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking

The SNS Joint Undertaking was established in November 2021 as one of the 10 European Partnerships to step up the green and digital transition. The 6G-IA is the private member of the SNS JU that is at work to ensure the participation and mobilization of a broad range of European stakeholders in the development and deployment of advanced communication networks technologies and solutions.

The SNS JU is jointly funded by private organisations (Industry, SMEs, Research, etc.) and, on the public side, by the European Commission. The planned budget of the SNS JU is of at least €1.8 billion for the period 2021-27, with an EU contribution of €900 million to be matched by the private members. The SNS JU provides financial support in the form of R&I grants to participants following open and competitive calls.

In the first round of SNS Calls, that closed in April 2022, Martel has worked on several research and innovation proposals in collaboration with selected 6G-IA partners. This is a concrete first step for our team to re-confirm our commitment to align our strategic and operational efforts with those of the broader community of Telecom players in Europe. This, we are convinced, is the way to go to ensure competitiveness at a global level in the next generation smart networks and services scene, unleashing innovation across several vertical market segments.