Martel’s CEO joins the Board of Directors of ADRA, the European Partnership on AI, Data and Robotics

Martel’s CEO joins the Board of Directors of ADRA

Dr Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel Innovate, was recently appointed member of the Board of Directors of ADRA, the European Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data and Robotics, which aims to boost new markets and applications, while creating value for private and public organisations, citizens and the environment. ADRA builds on the work of its founding members that are BDVA, CLAIRE, ELLIS, EurAI and euRobotics.

As one of the Directors of ADRA, Dr Calisti will bring her contribution to the development and deployment of trustworthy, safe, and robust AI, Data and Robotics, that responds to people’s fundamental needs, while reflecting the values and the norms all citizens enjoy in Europe, in line with the Digital Decade ambition.

Thanks to her technical background, business experience and consolidated position in the European ICT research and innovation landscape, Dr Calisti will contribute shaping and executing ADRA’s strategy and plans helping to grow its relevance and impact on a broad perspective.

“Trustworthy, safe and robust Artificial Intelligence and Next Generation Data and Robotics technologies are essential components for the sustainable and inclusive transformation of our society and economy. Gathering committed players to join forces has the ambition to create an ecosystem where advanced ideas, technologies and solutions can proliferate and maximise the impact of digital transformation for the good of our society”, said Dr Calisti.

For Martel Innovate participation to ADRA and increased engagement in the European AI, Data and Robotics research and innovation scene is a unique opportunity to leverage on several projects and initiatives our team has been engaged in since a few years. Joining forces with top industrial players, research institutions and policy makers is expected to grow our knowledge and establish new partnerships.

About ADRA

ADRA represents the private part of the European Partnership in AI, Data, Robotics within Horizon Europe. To deliver the greatest benefit to Europe from ongoing research and innovation efforts in the AI, Data and Robotics ecosystem, this Partnership will drive innovation, acceptance, and uptake of trustworthy, safe and robust technologies. BDVA, CLAIRE, ELLIS, EurAI and euRobotics are joining forces integrating a wide range of stakeholders into the activities of the ADRA Partnership so the raised ambition can be realised.