– the newly enhanced hub for innovators and researchers transforming the Internet – the newly enhanced hub for innovators and researchers

Martel Innovate is proud to announce that innovators and researchers have a newly enhanced content hub offering a pleathora of information to the community shaping the development and evolution of the Internet into an Internet of Humans.

The new portal brings a clean and responsive modern design, enhanced functionalities, alongside easy access to essential information about the European Commission’s NGI funding programmes and open calls. is designed as a platform to support the EC vision and avenues for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030 in the areas of Trust and Data Sovereignty on the Internet; Trustworthy Open Search and Discovery; Internet Architecture and Decentralised Technologies. aims to connect with fellow innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals involved in many hundreds of projects. The funding opportunities for outstanding academic researchers, hi-tech start-ups and SMEs are only a click away.

The newly enhanced hub aims at transforming the Internet into an Internet of Humans

On the new website, the enhanced hub for innovators and researchers, the NGI innovators present their experience and success stories of developing concepts and technologies that can have an impact on Europe’s digital economy and society overall. Martel is in charge of interviewing these outstanding innovators. Through testimonials, the research community can learn how other innovators were able to access funding and bring their ideas to reality.

“We have been part of the NGI community since its inception and we see it growing day by day. We took a multidisciplinary approach, through consultations with all the stakeholders involved. Martel’s web design team enhanced the portal to help the research community navigate the site and find the right information quickly and easily. We believe the redesign confirms once again Martel’s role as a leader in communication and dissemination in the European research landscape. It establishes our company as a trusted European partner”, said Dr Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel Innovate.

Overall, the aims to be the open door to an Internet that responds to people’s fundamental needs, including trust, security, and inclusion, while reflecting the values and the norms all citizens enjoy in Europe. is the newly enhanced hub for innovators and researchers

Data protection and data privacy are at the core of the newly enhanced hub

For the new website, Martel’s web design team focused extensively on data protection and data privacy, as this topic is among the pillars of NGI. For the privacy-by-design aspect, the project’s team consulted lawyers specialized in GDPR the European regulation covering the transfer of personal data. For full compliance with guidelines on privacy-protecting analytics, the design team chose a tool named ‘Matomo’, an open-source web analytics software platform. Unlike other services, users can safely browse without worrying about data being used for marketing or any other purposes. Data privacy is also of extreme importance. Thanks to the new solution, all the valuable information is private.


About Martel

Martel is a dynamic Swiss-based digital innovation agency with more than 25 years’ experience empowering organisations across Europe and worldwide, throughout their journey from novel ideas to technological implementation, media and market strategy. After more than one hundred cutting edge projects, Martel has grown from its origins as a small consulting agency into a thriving organisation with offices in Zurich and Lugano in Switzerland, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Building on its foundation in European Commission funded project management consulting, Martel’s business has diversified to include research and development activities in several advanced domains, but also a broad palette of communication, marketing, media and training services.