Martel and Uni Systems enter collaboration

Martel Innovate is proud to announce a collaboration for media and communication services with Uni Systems, one of the most reliable information technology providers and systems integrators in the European scene. As Martel and Uni Systems enter collaboration, Martel’s media team will provide communication and marketing support and engage the media so as to position Uni Systems as a top European market player of ICT solutions for the banking, telecommunications, public sectors, as well as corporate and public sectors, as well as corporate and public utilities and institutions.

“We’re happy Martel and Uni Systems enter collaboration. Martel’s strong experience in communication across a variety of fields, primarily within the ICT domain, adds tremendous value to this collaboration with Uni Systems. Martel’s international team of experts can build the most effective press relations plans, taking advantage of a comprehensive media toolbox”, said Dr. Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel Innovate.

With a skilled and passionate multicultural team, composed of communication experts with a proven journalistic background, Martel and Uni Systems’ collaboration sees Martel supporting Uni Systems in identifying relevant topics of high profile such as events, announcements, regulations, standards as well as policies, in order to link Uni Systems’ news pipeline to the press interests across Europe.

As Martel and Uni Systems enter collaboration, Martel brings a strong ICT know-how in the field of innovative and sustainable technologies together with a vast database of contacts and well-established collaborations across the European digital research and innovation scene. With its consolidated ICT understanding combined with a strongly innovative and creative approach to communication and marketing, Martel’s media team can help build a network of press relations perfectly fitting Uni Systems’ needs.

About Martel

Martel is a dynamic Swiss-based company with more than 20 years’ experience managing research and innovation projects across Europe and worldwide. After more than one hundred projects, Martel has grown from its origins as a small consulting agency into a thriving organisation with employees located in offices in Zurich, Lugano and Lausanne. Building on its foundation in European Commission funded project management consulting, Martel’s business has diversified to include research and development activities in several advanced ICT domains, but also a broad palette of communication, marketing, media and training services.

About Uni Systems

Uni Systems, a long-standing strategic ICT partner to financial institutions, public organizations, telecom operators and enterprises in the European region, has been providing integrated solutions and value-added services since 1964. Today, the Company invests substantially in its European perspective and demonstrates a proven track record of accomplishments in complex and mission-critical IT projects in more than 26 countries through its subsidiaries in Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, Italy, and Spain.  For more information, please visit