Martel for IoT security and privacy



Martel is proud to announce the launch of a new H2020 Research and Innovation project, ARCADIAN-IoT, that will develop, implement and validate innovative security and privacy features and tools for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and systems.

Martel partners with experts from research institutions, academia, and industry from other seven European countries in this project. The three-year initiative comes with a multi-layer, holistic approach that will bring advanced security measures to users of IoT devices and systems, whether consumers, businesses or governments.

With over 75.44 billion connected devices expected by 2025, the need for secure solutions for IoT systems is more pressing than ever. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, requiring reinforced cybersecurity competencies, mechanisms for detection and mitigation of attacks and new solutions to increase data privacy. ARCADIAN-IoT aims to offer advanced security measures to users of Internet of things (IoT) services to overcome concerns that have risen due to the increased risks and threats posed on the IoT.

In this collaborative approach, Martel’s expertise on IoT will be beneficial for the project’s success. In ARCADIAN-IoT Martel is in charge of the self-aware data privacy component and coordinates the dissemination and communication activities.

Using our knowledge of the current state-of-the-art in Cloud, IoT, Edge and AI, Martel will support this project. The synergies with other Martel’s projects will change the IoT ecosystem for the better. For example, Martel plans to integrate the self-aware privacy concept developed under ARCADIAN-IoT in Martel’s Orchestra Cities, an Open Source IoT platform that allows the collaborative creation of Smart Cities solutions”, said Federico Facca, Chief Technology Officer at Martel.

Synergies with Martel’s R&I projects

ARCADIAN-IoT will take advantage of Martel’s knowledge of IoT platforms. Martel is a key partner in the EC-funded Next Generation Internet of Things (NGIoT). The NGIoT initiative is a growing community of projects and related initiatives at work to maximise the power of IoT made in Europe.

As a R&I project, ARCADIAN-IoT fits perfectly into NGIoT ‘network of networks’ ecosystem. Close collaboration with related technology networks including cloud, Edge, Artificial Intelligence, 5G telecommunications networks and services, cybersecurity and blockchain will bring value to the ARCADIAN-IoT project. NGIoT works to lower the barrier for adoption and development of IoT-empowered solutions, by supporting business models, innovation and skills”,  said Federico Facca, Chief Technology Officer at Martel.


ARCADIAN-IoT is a Research & Innovation project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. The ARCADIAN-IoT consortium, coordinated by Instituto Pedro Nunes (Portugal), relies on multidisciplinary partners with expertise in cybersecurity, IoT systems, encryption, data privacy and recovery mechanisms. The members of the consortium are: ATOS IT Solutions and Services  (Spain), E-Lex Studio Legale (Italy), Load Interactive (Portugal), Martel (Switzerland), RGB Medical Devices (Spain), RISE Research Institute of Sweden (Sweden), BOX2M Engineering (Romania), SCNL Truphone (Portugal), Universidad de Navarra (Spain), University of West Scotland (UK), XLAB (Slovenia).

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