Martel and Digital 4 Planet – Interview with Dr Monique Calisti

Dr Monique Calisti speaking about Martel and Digital 4 Planet

Martel has supported digital innovators for more than 20 years and it is time to do more, to give back to society through the work we do. That’s why Martel has created Digital 4 Planet, to build a Sustainable Digital Community.

In a video about Martel and Digital 4 Planet featuring lively graphics from Martel’s talented creative team, Martel CEO Dr Monique Calisti talks through the reasons she’s committed to steering the SME to fully engage in sustainable development.


“To be able to run our company in a sustainable way, respecting the environment, is a clear priority”, she says.

“We have moved to green resource consumption at several levels in the way we run our IT and in the way we organize travel and events.”

These major changes include hosting all project websites on green hosts which are eco-friendly and put back power consumed into the grid in the form of renewable energy.

“We felt that we needed to embrace a community where other people are doing a lot and where digital makers can help make a difference.”, she says.

Martel and Digital For Planet are bringing together digital technology experts, environmental specialists and policy makers in order to identify, promote and fund a better way of doing business.

For more information on how Martel and Digital 4 Planet are growing a digital culture that respects our planet, watch the video and join us at