Three new H2020 projects to improve access to technology for a more inclusive society

3 new h2020 projects

Martel is proud to kick-start three new Horizon 2020 projects to improve access to technology, one of the major challenges to achieve an equitable society. The EASIER Research and Innovation (RIA)  helps people with a hearing disability to communicate online in sign languages; the DYNASAT RIA improves the efficiency of sending high volumes of information in a limited bandwidth, particularly in unserved areas, thanks to satellite communication integrated with terrestrial networks; and the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) HUB4CLOUD orchestrates an inclusive approach to cloud computing aligning various ongoing European efforts, including GAIA-X.

Equitable access to technology has become an imperative for an inclusive society, as exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic. Our three new H2020 projects tackle different aspects that all very much relate to this: using advanced digital technologies to empower people.” Said Martel CEO, Dr Monique Calisti.

EASIER aims to improve access to technology by creating a framework for barrier-free communication among deaf and hearing citizens across Europe, by enabling users of European Sign Languages (SL) to use their preferred language to interact with hearing individuals. EASIER will provide a mobile application for translation between spoken languages and sign languages, both in near-real-time (automatic) and non-real-time (human-in-the-loop) mode.  Martel coordinates the project, leads its dissemination and communication activities and will support the design of the app mobile interface.

DYNASAT aims at researching, developing, and demonstrating techniques for bandwidth efficient transmission and efficient spectrum usage to improve access to technology for a high-throughput 5G satellite access network infrastructure, based on advanced non-geostationary satellites (NGSO)-mega-constellations and able to provide 5G services and applications directly to mass market and professional user equipment, e.g., smart-phones, in areas beyond cellular coverage. Martel team leads the Communication and Dissemination activities, leveraging on the experience gained with the QV-LIFT project and its ongoing engagement in the 5G PPP initiative.

HUB4CLOUD helps growing the impact and relevance of Cloud Computing research, innovation, and policy-driven efforts, while accelerating its adoption and deployments in Europe to improve access to technology. By running dedicated activities, including road mapping, dissemination, organisation of events, mapping of open source/ (pre-)standardisation initiatives, and business acceleration activities, HUB4CLOUD will ensure the creation of an open, inclusive, and sustainable ecosystem.  Martel coordinates HUB4CLOUD and leads the communication and community building activities across the whole EU Cloud Computing landscape, also having a significant role in the strategic road mapping work.