Martel Innovation cocktails

sparkling spritz

Whether you are partial to zesty cocktails or have a taste for fruity mocktails – a refreshing beverage heralds the summer holidays and at Martel we’re serving up an exciting mix of innovation for all tastes!

sparkling spritz

The Sparkling Spritz

Scintillating conversation is bound to ensure if you follow this recipe. Take equal parts questioning, connecting and observing, add a pinch of networking (scarce to find these days but not impossible). Pour the spritz of creativity to fill the glass and top it off with a slice of experimentation on the rim for extra flair!

Passion Shake for Innovation Communication

The Passion Shake

Tantalizingly tangy this innovation cocktail boosts your enthusiasm and arouse the senses. Plus, the elegant presentation will dazzle! Passion is the key ingredient here, add a third of this to a third of knowledge/understanding and know how; and one third of connections/perspective and analysis. Use a cocktail shaker to mix well and serve with a pinch of luck.

blended kick

The Blended Kick

For the sophisticated palate, the Blended Kick is a smooth player that packs a punch. You will require a blender. First add ideation and an equal part of value and creation and blend to a smooth consistency. Add collaboration and implementation, and fold these into the mixture. Pour into a long glass and add an eco-friendly straw.