Four new H2020 projects for Martel



Martel Innovate is pleased to announce it has won four new H2020 projects due to kick off late 2018 to early 2019. The new projects cover some of Martel’s key areas of expertise including next generation internet (NGI), artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT (the Internet of Things) and Smart Cities technology.

“The new H2020 projects, in which Martel is a consortium member, form part of the EU’s important digital transformation work also in a forward-looking perspective,” said Dr Monique Calisti, Martel’s CEO. The Digital Europe programme (2021-2027) aims at ensuring that IT strategies and deployments will promote core European values such as inclusiveness, fairness, democracy and ease of access to technology for all.

Our latest winning projects include a three-year coordination and support action (CSA) that will boost Europe’s position as a world leader in the IoT domain, across several market segments. This project will produce a roadmap of current and future research directions. It will also establish a European IoT industry Think Tank to support digital transformation of value creations across industries in verticals and the consumer space.

“We’re also part of an exciting initiative, a Research and Innovation Action (RIA) within the H2020 FET programme, to create a new, diversity-aware online social media platform available as a mobile application,” Calisti said.

Using artificial intelligence, the platform will support people’s interactions via a diversity alignment mechanism that lifts communication barriers to ensure that messages between humans are interpreted correctly. At the same time, the mechanism will generate incentives to motivate people to support each other.

A third project is a three-year coordination and support action (CSA). It will continue the important work already undertaken by Martel within the context of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. The new NGI CSA Martel will coordinate centres on setting up and hosting the NGI Outreach Office – which will be structured as a 360-degree communication agency at the service of the community. The NGI Outreach Office will coordinate strategic marketing, facilitate dissemination and transfer of know-how and technology as well as establish dialogues within the EU and globally.

Finally, we are dipping a toe into viticulture, as coordinators of a small consortium that builds on smart agriculture practices to deliver innovation and added value to vineyards.

“These projects add to Martel’s ongoing portfolio of work, which includes the recently started EU-China Research and Innovation 5G-Drive project. 5G-Drive promotes collaboration promotes collaboration of 5G development and deployments between major European and Chinese players, as part of the 5G PPP Phase 3 ,” Calisti said.

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