Martel’s H2020 Training in Lausanne

This week Martel Innovate held its one-day training course, How To Write A Winning H2020 Proposal, at HES-SO in Lausanne. The course was well attended with 13 students from various disciplines in the classroom.

Master Trainer and Martel Innovate CEO Dr Monique Calisti led the course, which outlined how to plan, prepare and submit a winning bid under Europe’s Horizon 2020 funding programme. The course gave students a rundown of the “EU funding jungle” from searching out Open Calls in appropriate areas, to an explanation of the different types of calls, to pulling together a world-class consortium (expert tip: it’s all about networking!). Along the way, there was information on budget-setting, accounting for diversity, multi-disciplinarity and ethics, and guidance on answering important questions, such as: “How will the project deliver excellence?”

Students were shown the EC’s online portal and told how to fill out the different sections to complete a successful H2020 bid. With 20 years of experience in winning bids and managing more than 100 innovation projects in Europe and worldwide, Martel is uniquely placed to impart this knowledge.

“But you can’t do it alone, you need great partners,” said Calisti. If you’d like to fin

d out how to prepare and win European funding, book a

training session or talk to us about partnering, get in touch with Martel Innovate today. https://www.mart