Monique Calisti at TEDx: When humans do it better

Dr Monique Calisti at TEDx Modena Salon

Dr Monique Calisti at TEDx Modena Salon

Martel’s CEO Dr Monique Calisti gave her TEDx talk, “The Human Beauty in the Age of Machines” at the TEDx Modena Salon in February 2018 and the video is now live.

Monique presented her experience as a technologist, scientist, innovator, entrepreneur and mother of three at TEDx. “I am a technologist and I strongly believe in the value of innovation, that’s my daily challenge and pleasure indeed, to help digital innovators to successfully realise their projects and have an impact possibly for the good of society.”

Monique speaks about how she feels privileged to work with so many digitally skilled people: the amazing researchers, entrepreneurs and business professionals that are working at the forefront of  digital transformation of our society. But, she asks, are we are ready for the changes digital innovation brings? She argues humans must face this challenge by drawing on one of their biggest strengths: the ability to constantly adapt to change and re-program themselves.   

“We are born with the intrinsic capability to ‘upgrade’ to newer versions of ourselves, but to be able to do that we must learn from our experiences, we must be aware of our capabilities and we must make sure we take enough time to invest in our intellectual, emotional and social skills.

“Our creativity, our empathy, our imagination, our sense of humour are unique resources.”

Watch the TEDx video [in Italian, with optional English subtitles] here: