Martel wins EU-China 5G-Drive project


Martel has won a new H2020 project, 5G-Drive, a Research and Innovation Action working with a team in China in the field of connected mobility. The project adds to what has so far been a highly successful period for Martel in strengthening its position as a skilled and trustworthy facilitator and partner for EU-China collaboration, especially in the important fields of IoT and 5G.

Latif Ladid from the University of Luxembourg and Kai Zhang from Martel

Since November 2016, Martel has been the coordinator on the EU-China Study on IoT and 5G (EXCITING) project, leading the team to identify key challenges and opportunities in research and innovation cooperation between the two regions. A number of concrete opportunities for collaboration have been recorded, including standards, large-scale pilots and interoperability testing. The project also facilitated the signing of an MoU supporting collaboration between the European Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) and the Chinese Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII).

Building on the success of EXCITING, Martel was recently awarded a new H2020 project, 5G-Drive, which will commence in September. 5G-Drive is a Research and Innovation Action focused on twinning activities with a Chinese project, led by China Mobile, funded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), in the field of connected cars — V2X and eMBB, using existing international standards and common spectrum.

EXCITING achievements

Under the framework of EXCITING, two White Papers, one on standardisation and another on interoperability, are in the pipeline and will be ready in the summer. These demonstrate the high level of joint effort from both sides, even when facing challenges and barriers for cooperation. A third and final White Paper on policy recommendation will be produced by the end of the project in January 2019. You can visit to download the reports as they become available.

In the first half of 2018, the project conducted two webinars

  • Challenges and opportunities for policy and technical EU-China cooperation on 5G
  • Challenges and opportunities on IoT

The webinars provided opportunities for stakeholders to interact with EXCITING’s Advisory Group members and the consortium. The project also organised a joint workshop with F-Interop project at the IoT Week 2018 in Bilbao – GIoTS Industry Forum II: 5G LSP European and Chinese Perspectives – EXCITING and F-Interop joint Workshop. Visit the event page for further information.

Franck Boissière from the European Commission

Next steps

Entering the second half of 2018, EXCITING is preparing for its final events in China, including the signing ceremony of the MoU, as well as a session at the prestigious Wuxi World IoT. We can’t wait to interact with you both online and in our events, talking about how to improve future collaboration and maximise the benefits for both regions.