Engineering Conferences aren’t boring!


The Martel Media team turns ICT events into participatory happenings.

MARTEL Media masters the art of organizing Engineering and ICT R&D&I high profile and highly specialized events, turning them into must-attend happenings. We organize 20+ events every year around Europe and beyond, gathering together top-notch universities and corporate researchers, policy makers and industry stakeholders.

“FEC” is a new event format to support the community engagement of the Fed4FIRE+ community. It aims to allow experimenters to showcase their results, analyze technical requirements from the testbeds and strengthen the community among innovators and facility providers. We started in 2017, and for five years we will organize biannual events in different locations – each involving over 100 participants in the plenary sessions, parallel workshops and demos and exhibition areas.

But how we make them WOW? We raise the bar, making the format familiar and comfortable for the participants who plan to attend the next edition, while making each one fresh and exciting.


  • A dedicated event website keeps track of all the past and upcoming editions, while its constantly populated with videos, photos and downloadable presentations.
  • Fed4FIRE+ biannual newsletter shares the community news and provides hints on the upcoming editions and a dedicated communication list allows members to share opportunities, workshops and projects’ results achievements.
  • We keep our dialogue open daily amongst the communities’ members with the dedicated Twitter account @Fed4Fire.


  • Great speakers providing insights and research added value to the community
  • Great event management to keep the audience engaged all the time
  • Stunning locations, from the Sorbonne University in Paris to Volos in Greece, from Ghent University to Brugge in Belgium.
  • Special Demo nights and exhibition areas, interactive workshops
  • We live tweet, take pictures and interview the participants; we keep them at the centre, giving them the stage
  • Of course… we offer them great food and company while they attend

Our attendees are working together to bring to life the Next Generation Internet. Their participatory and collaborative work strengthens relationships, shares results, and turns road blocks into building blocks.

To join, don’t miss FEC4, 8-10 October in Brugge, Belgium  #f4fFEC