Martel crosses the Atlantic!

Next month, Martel will cross the Atlantic to attend the European Science Diplomacy Week & EU-Mexico JSC meeting on March 21-22. While there, Martel will be attending the FIWARE Mexico Open Camp, to promote FIWARE technology within the Mexican ICT community and foster cooperation between the EC and Mexican stakeholders. Martel has been an active participant in the planning and promotion of the event on both sides of the Atlantic.

During the same trip, Martel will be presenting SmartSDK and ORCHESTRA Cities during the Science Week to showcase the work being done with FIWARE based technology for smart cities. FIWARE Mexico is an initiative supporting the spread of FIWARE in Mexico, and the growing needs of the entrepreneurs who want to develop intelligent services using the platform. It was developed with the support of the European Commission and the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), together with the ICT Research and Innovation Centre (INFOTEC) and Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM).

The Mexican FIWARE Lab facilitates the use of FIWARE for innovative local players, and encourage movement out of the lab and into a truly accessible FIWARE ecosystem on a larger scale.