Promoting the IoT in China

On November 9-10th, Martel crossed the Pacific to speak at the China IoT Conference 2017 in Fuzhou, China. It was an unparalleled opportunity for Martel to promote Europe as strong option for innovation development, and strengthen the existing EU-China ICT collaborations already in place.

Kai Zhang, Martel Project Manager, was asked to participate in the IoT Industry Promotion Summit which took place on November 10th. The Summit involved speakers from the three telecom operators in China, major ICT firms including Huawei and ZTE, internet companies such as Ali Cloud, and research institutes, incubators, and a number of startups and SMEs. She gave a presentation on the Overview of the European Commission IoT Initiatives, and participated in a panel discussion on “Cooperation; Mutual Benefits and Building of IoT ecosystem.

The Chinese are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about IoT, and because of that, being able to present at this conference was amazing,” said Kai. “I was honoured to represent Martel and our projects when I spoke about the five IoT Large-Scale Pilots funded by the European Commission, as well as the EXCITING project (EU-China Study on IoT and 5G). Together, we shared our visions about building a more efficient IoT ecosystem, and discussed ideas for future collaboration.

The event was very successful, both in terms of Chinese engagement with European initiatives, and for strengthening the existing relationships between Martel and the innovation community in China. It demonstrates Martel’s commitment to be an active player facilitating EU-China collaboration in the fields of IoT and 5G. This strategy of Martel is well aligned with EC’s international digital footprint to strengthen EU-China collaboration in 5G, digital tourism, and entrepreneurship, and more.