Martel has joined the BDVA!


As part of its strategy to engage with new communities and enlarge its business portfolio, Martel has joined the BDVA (Big Data Value Association). The Big Data Value Association is the not-for-profit organisation that implements the BDV PPP programme (Big Data Value PPP). BDVA has over 150 members all over Europe with a well-balanced composition of large, small and medium-sized industries, as well as research organizations.

The core objectives of the BDVA are to boost European Big Data Value research, development and innovation, and to foster a positive perception of Big Data Value.


Martel Innovate and its interest for the BDVA

In the last years, all the three departments of Martel Innovate have been working together on several initiatives largely related to the BDVA scope:

  • In 2016, we worked on a strategic direction for research in the EU, and as a part of that effort a research roadmap was released covering several considerations on data management and data processing technologies. (Download the white papers here and here).
  • In line with the above research, Martel recently started to work on novel technologies related to data management for geo-localised timeseries in the context of FIWARE.

Martel is now looking for scenarios and partners to collaborate on the adoption and further development of their data management solutions.

Beyond Martel Lab related activities, the other two Line of Business are also looking forward to connecting to the BDVA ecosystem to explore collaborations in the creation of value out of Martel expertise in R&D&I strategic consulting and media strategy management.

What’s next?

We are looking forward to meet and know the other BDVA members at the European Big Data Value Forum that will be held in Versailles from 21st to 23rd November 2017!