Martel Innovate joins the 5G IA

5G IA LogoAs part of its ongoing commitment to strengthening its working relationships, Martel Innovate recently joined the 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA). A 1.4 Billion Euro joint initiative between the European ICT industry and the European Commission, the 5G IA is the umbrella group representing the private interests in the 5G PPP initiative. Its goal is to rethink the 5G infrastructure and create the next generation of communication networks and services that will provide ubiquitous, super-fast connectivity and seamless service delivery in all circumstances.
The 5G IA is committed to the advancement of 5G in Europe, and to building consensus on 5G worldwide. Recognising that 5G networks will need to address the needs of specific industries from the outset, 5G PPP covers five key verticals: health, automotive, factory of the future, energy, and media and entertainment. By bringing together a global industry community of telecoms and digital innovators the Association aims to put Europe in a leading position in areas where it is already strong, and in the creation of new markets such as smart cities, e-health and intelligent transport.

“We are honoured to be part of the 5G Infrastructure Association,” said Dr. Monique Calisti, Martel’s Executive Director. “We have been working towards this since the inception of the 5G PPP Phase 1 Initiative. Martel was a partner of the Euro-5G Project, and is now playing an active role as part of the follow up CSA Project, To-Euro-5G. We are excited to be part of the 5G IA and are committed to paving the way to the successful deployment of 5G in 2020.”

Martel’s work in promoting the 5G PPP has been extensive, from leading the online communication in the To-Euro-5G project to the promotion and organization of the 5G PPP events including the Second 5G Global Event that took place November 9-10th 2016 in Rome. Martel is working on several other Horizon 2020 projects with many of the leading 5G industry players, including Nokia, HUAWEI, and Samsung.

“Being part of the 5G IA is a great opportunity for Martel to take a more active role in the advancement of 5G in Europe,” said Dr. Calisti. “5G is critical to so many exciting technologies, and the 5G IA and 5G PPP both aim to put European companies at the forefront of 5G research and deployment, to build up the region’s role in ICT, and enable European industry to compete globally. That’s a goal we strongly believe is worth working towards.”

Martel will be joining the 5G community in Budapest, Hungary, on the 9-10th November 2017 at the 5G PPP Phase 3 Info Day, which will be held as part of the ICT Proposers’ Day 2017.