Martel confirms its commitment to 5G with the recently started To-Euro-5G H2020 Project

Following the success of the Euro 5G project, Martel confirms its commitment to the 5G development participating to the To-Euro-5G project, which aims at supporting the activities of the Phase 2 of the European 5G Initiative (June 2017 – June 2019). The Martel team is ready to take up the challenge posed by the 5G Initiative Second phase, ensuring the return on investment for the project.

Project objectives

  • Progressing the 5G-PPP high level goal of maintaining and enhancing the competitiveness of the European ICT industry, and seeking European leadership in the 5G domain.
  • The European 5G Action Plan will require an overview of the 5G PPP projects trial/demo/showcase potential. The To-Euro-5G project will facilitate the new Trials Working Group, which was launched by the 5G Infrastructure Association in 5G PPP in September 2016.
  • Developing and implementing a strategic communications plan, including technical and social media channels, to ensure the best possible impact is achieved with the results of the 5G-PPP projects and the horizontal activities of the 5GPPP programme.


  • Stimulating, organising and hosting strategic events and workshops where the European 5G achievements will be promoted on a global level. To-Euro-5G will broadly advertised such events encouraging stakeholders attendance. Key target audiences will be identified, based on the objectives of the particular event in question, and a planned campaign will be implemented to ensure that audience’s engagemen The channels to reach the audience will include personal briefings, industry newsletters, established social media outlets, and promotion at related events. The consortium will also attend selected events, organised in liaison with other 5G PPP projects, such as the Net Futures annual conference or the European Conference on Networks and Communications. Furthermore particular market-driven events (exhibitions and fair trades) participation will be evaluated as relevant to create broad impact of 5G Programme-level initiatives.
  • Orchestrating an open, transparent and flexible 5G-PPP programme governance structure that facilitates good cooperation between the projects, the commission and the 5G Infrastructure Association.

The To-Euro-5G project also has the underlying ambition to ensure that European society, via the Vertical sectors uptake of 5G, can enjoy the economic and societal benefits these future 5G networks can provide.


to-euro-5gThe Consortium: The To-Euro-5G consortium involves 12 organizations, namely Eurescom, IDATE, InterInnov, 5G-Infrastructure-Association,  Nokia Net,  University of Surrey, University of Bologna, Orange, Telenor, Alcatel


Martel’s role: Create an Impact

Martel Media team will be heavily involved in the Impact Creation activities: leading the Active Communication and the Event Promotion Task, collaborating with the Stakeholders’ Engagement & Communications Strategy, and developing the Promotional Materials. The Martel team will be responsible for ensuring broad and effective communication within the 5G PPP community and beyond across the European and international 5G R&D&I landscape.

Among the other tasks, Martel will:

  • Develop and implement a strategy for 5G PPP promotion
  • Prepare and disseminate various types of publications at the programme level
  • Improve the website content and ensure dynamic web channels. Martel will lead the management and animation of the 5G PPP social media channels, including Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, and will, in partnership with the other 5G PPP projects, feed relevant information and news into the 5G PPP website and selected communication channels in related communities such as: IoT, Cloud Computing, Next Generation Internet, etc.
  • Package promotion information and publications in high-quality marketing material
  • Maintain communication and dialogue among main actors of the 5G infrastructure PPP, its various bodies, and the broad community
  • Ensure coherence and maximum impact of the 5G PPP through the overall community involvement
  • Ensure coherence and maximum impact of the 5 PPP through coordinated communication and public relation activities at the programme level

Morever through a continuous and targeted management of the information flow within the project and across the whole 5G PPP community, the To-Euro-5G project will ensure effective promotion of the ongoing 5G PPP projects’ outcomes, including the To-Euro-5G work, and broad visibility of the 5G PPP initiative as a whole. This will be empowered through the liaisons with the Networld2020 ETP, Global 5G and other relevant groups and stakeholders in Europe and beyond.