Shaping Next Generation Networks and Communications at EuCNC 2017

EuCNC – European Conference on Networks and Communications

Oulu, Finland
12-15 June 2017

The 26th edition of the European Conference on Networks and Communications will take place in Oulu, Finland from 12 to 15 June 2017.

maxresdefaultThe host city, Oulu, is one of the leading wireless technology hubs globally. Some of the key roles where the local wireless community has played a part include the first analog NMT network, the first GSM and WCDMA calls, and the first open 5G test network. Oulu has a vivid community of about 800 high-tech companies, employing 15 000 people. Most of the companies are located right next to University campus. It clearly shows that academic-industry collaboration is the foundation of industry competitiveness, economic growth and job creation.

Martel will participate in the event via direct engagement in a number of Horizon 2020 projects, reconfirming its commitment to the research and innovation efforts pioneering the next generation of networks and communications. Since early spring 2017, we have been busy working on several fronts to ensure the presence of the eWINE, ORCA, FLAME, EXCITING and Euro-5G projects at this upcoming edition of EuCNC.

We have been steering the online and offline activities of these projects to ensure their presence in Oulu by coordinating the dissemination efforts and communication campaigns, as well as managing the preparation of materials (papers, flyers, posters, slides, etc.) in order to maximize the visibility of each initiative at the event.

Martel in action at EuCNC 2017

Martel’s team is supporting the organization and communication of the eWINE Grand Challenge, the final demonstration of the 7 selected proposals at the Oulu University, and the award ceremony following that same day. A special booklet has been created to be distributed at the EuCNC, presenting the accepted proposals’ key features. The Martel team will cover the demonstration and award ceremony through live social network animation, video interviews and photo coverage of the event. eWINE will also be at the EuCNC 2017, sharing a booth with the WISHFUL and ORCA projects, where the most recent project demos will be showcased.

The ORCA project, which kicked off in January 2017, will have its inception workshop at EuCNC, with the special session “Emerging trends for 5G experimental environments” (taking place Tuesday, 13 June 2017, 16:30-18:00, Room Radisson Blu Ranta&Koski) organized in collaboration with the 5GINFIRE and SOFTFIRE projects. Martel Media has designed the communication materials, such as the project flyer and roll-up, which will support the dissemination of the project’s objectives and upcoming Open Calls. EuCNC will also be the perfect setting for the shooting of the first project’s video, a dynamic presentation composed by partners interviews, session extracts and booth demo close ups.

EuCNC will also be the special event where the 5G PPP Phase 2 initiative will be presented with two 90 minute special sessions. Mr. Bernard Barani, Acting Head of Unit at DG Connect will introduce the conference, while  Jean-Pierre Bienaimé will highlight key achievements from Phase 1. These two sessions will take place at the Radisson Blue Hotel, room Aniola. Session 1 will be on Wednesday, 14 June at 16:00, while Session 2 will be on Thursday, 15 June at 09:00. Click here for more details. Each new 5G PPP project, funded within the 5G PPP Phase 2 that is indeed starting in June 2017, will be given a few minutes to introduce their work frame and goals. Martel team is currently supporting the audience participation to the conference, through the online promotion and it will cover the event in Oulu with live social media animation, video and photo reportage.

Several Euro 5G projects are also attending the EuCNC event, whether with a booth or with panel sessions and workshops. Martel has facilitated the liaison activity among all the projects and Euro 5G website editors, in order to guarantee the circulation of information within the work group and, most importantly, towards the external audience through a dedicated webpage and timely social media updates. In Oulu, Martel professionals will conduct over 30 video interviews to the Euro 5G projects and SMEs representatives to highlight the Phase 1 major outcomes. The video material will be edited into multiple formats and will be made available online. Click here to know more.

Furthermore, Martel team is coordinating the set up of the Euro 5G collective SMEs booth, which will host eight SMEs members of the NetWorld2020 SME Working Group: AICO Software, InnoRoute, Ubiwhere, CityPassenger, ARDIC Visiona Ingenieria de Proyectos, Nextworks, Montimage. Each SME is going to showcased their technological achievements and solutions through live demo, 1-to-1 presentations and video projections. Click here to know more.

Finally, Martel will also support the active presence of the EXCITING and FLAME projects by distributing project flyers, gathering the audience for the posters’s session in the exhibition area, and engaging potential academic and industry stakeholders.

This will be an intense week, to which we are all very much looking  forward!

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