Martel an active player at the Next Generation Internet workshop in Poznan

The Next Generation Internet initiative and the HUB4NGI project

Towards the end of 2016, the European Commission launched the Next Generation Internet (NGI) programme, which aims is to develop a more human-centric Internet supporting European values of openness, cooperation across borders, decentralisation, inclusiveness, transparency and protection of privacy. NGI has the ambition to become a large and long-term initiative that on one side focuses on ensuring diversity, pluralism and a right to choose and, on the other, promotes innovation enabled by advances in technology areas like block chains, trust,  artificial intelligence, new Internet architectures, as well as discovery and identification tools.

The HUB4NGI project is the first Coordination and Support Action dedicated to transform the Next Generation Internet initiative into an increasingly dynamic, collaborative, vibrant and participatory research and innovation Ecosystem. The project, led by Dr Monique Calisti, Partner and Executive Director of Martel Innovate, aims to offer a collaborative platform capable of effectively supporting and coordinating activities across the whole NGI context by combining knowledge, tools and processes to reach and engage top-notch Internet researchers and innovators.

The Next Generation Internet Workshop – 8th June Poznan (Poland)

On the 8th of June as part of the promotion of the NGI initiative, the European Commission, in collaboration with the HUB4NGI Project and the Polish National NGI Workshop PoznanContact PointPoznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre, will host the NGI workshop in Poznan with the aim to present the overall NGI, identify together with the audience research and innovation priorities and relevant initiatives and discuss the way ahead with (young) researchers, start-ups, SMEs and social innovators.

Don’t miss your chance to provide your input on what you think should be the future of the Internet. Register and book your spot to join the open and multidisciplinary discussion and the World-Café tables. The discussion will aim to identify the major NGI opportunities and challenges for society, research and private sectors, and the three main topics the NGI initiative needs to address in the near future.

Martel Innovate will be in Poznan and will held moderating the NGI workshop and actively contributing to animate discussions and media promotion of the main outcomes.

For more details about the agenda visit the HUB4NGI website.

Registration is free, but places are limited so don’t forget to book your spot at:

Follow the evolution of NGI on Twitter @NGI4eu