Martel and Edo do everything for creative, interactive and participatory events

When playing becomes a way to stimulate participatory brainstorming and community engagement!

On the 31 March at the  Innovation Square in  Rimini (Italy), Dr. Monique Calisti, Director of Martel Innovate, met Simon Marussi the founder of “Edo do everything” for a hands-on session on the use of the giant cardboard Edo blocks as a means to stimulate creativity and interaction in participatory workshops and brainstorming sessions.


A great experience ! The beginning of a collaboration between Martel and Edo that will become an exciting way to better assist our partners and customers in animation and moderation of workshops.

17499039_1022965907804261_3848346711175259285_nWe will use the Edo blocks in Rimini at the Digital Social Innovation Manifesto workshop that will be held on the 23 May as a means to stimulate creativity and ensure engagement of the audience” says enthusiastic  Dr. Monique Calisti after her first Edo play session.

Drawing on the cardboard blocks and assemble them together to create live the Digital Social Innovation Manifesto will be an exercise that will help the participants to our workshop to interact in an inspiring way.”

The art of facilitating and chairing interactive events

This is the first of a series of events Martel is in charge of within the context of various Horizon 2020 projects that will allow us to experiment new techniques for more effective engagement of participants. Our team is indeed involved in the organisation and mediation of a number of workshops, seminars and conferences in Europe and worldwide that aim at promoting innovative digital services and tecnologies. 

To experiment new techniques for highly interactive, creative and dynamic sessions is key to ensure that debates and brainstorming discussions lead to productive dialogues and meaningful outcomes. At many events, often the audience is rather passively bombarded with pretty unidirectional slides-based presentations that fail to properly capture the attention of the public and engage them in interactive dialogues.

We adopt the same kind of approach also in our training sessions where we always try to animate interactive and lively discussions for the participants to play an active role in the learning process.

The Digital Social Innovation Manifesto workshop in action

In Rimini, at the DSI Manifesto workshop, the use of the giant cardboard Edo blocks will be used to ensure active enagement of participants in the discussion of the key priorities, challenges and opportunities in the Digital Social Innovation context.

indexWhile during the morning plenary we will have professional cartoonists drawing on Edo blocks inspired by presentations of the various speakers and interventions of the participants, in the parallel round-tables breakdown sessions the audience will be divided in groups that will be given cardboard Edo blocks and markers to draw and write on them. These blocks, in the afternoon plenary session, will then contribute to build and complete live the construction of a physical representation of the Digital Social Manifesto made of cardboard blocks.

Come and participate: registration is OPEN and for FREE, but since places are limited first in first served!