Martel for Federation of Next Generation Large-Scale Experimental Testbeds

The 1st Engineering Conference organised by the Fed4FIRE+ project took place in Ghent, 14th-16th March, in the historic heart of Flanders. Three important events were collocated together and they were the Fed4FIRE+ Kick-off meeting, the 1st Engineering Conference and Fed4FIRE project’s final review.


Martel, one of the key partners of Fed4FIRE+, has been actively involved in the preparation of the event, but also in successfully running all various sessions and ensuring broad digital media coverage and video shooting for selected interventions that should help understanding priorities and directions of the main community players.

The event gathered more than 80 participants ranging from academics to highly skilled professionals, start-up accelerators to research organisations all with a keen interest in the Next Generation Internet topic.


The three day event started with the Fed4FIRE+ project Kick-off meeting which involved 21 organisations from 12 different countries around Europe. It provided all participants with the opportunity to get to know each other, review the scope of the new project, specify their responsibilities, and define the framework and time frame of their work.

After the Kick-off meeting, the Engineering Conference began at full speed with different parallel sessions consisting of talks, tutorials and technical discussions.


On March 15th, the plenary session at Ghent University on “Use Cases of Advanced Testbed Usage” which targeted the experimenters within Fed4FIRE was very successful. This class was a tangible opportunity to learn how to use the testbeds made available from the project.

The afternoon session offered a chance for the participants to choose among different tutorial sessions:  w-iLab.t wireless testbeds, Openflow, wireless NITOS testbed, automating experimentation through ansible, geni-lib, and Chef.  It was also possible to join the Fed4FIRE review preparation meeting as well.

M170315_Ghent_121842 M170315_Ghent_110731

March 16th was dedicated to the demo booth session in which the 14 selected winners of the Competitive Call for Innovative Experiments demonstrated their achieved results by using the testbeds made available from the Fed4FIRE project. Posters, talks and interviews achieved the goal to inspire other researchers, experimenters and stakeholders in the community. In the afternoon, three members of the European Commission reviewed the experimentations.

Martel plays different roles within the Fed4FIRE+ project, from assisting the Coordinator in managing the project to building solid liaisons to ensure cooperation with others relevant EC initiatives.  Martel also contributes to the creation of an open marketplace for customers interested in using the testbed resources available within the project. More to come in the next months!

To find more detailsabout the 1st Engineering Conference, please visit the official website at: 1stFEC

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