Martel navigates the sea of Cognitive Radio with ORCA

ORCA_LogoThe Cognitive Radio field can be at times not an easy sea to navigate but now ORCA is there!

The Horizon 2020 project ORCA, Orchestration and Reconfiguration Control Architecture, will help the wireless research community and wireless innovation creators navigate this sea offering Cognitive Radio as a Service (CRaaS) and an easy access to a worldwide, open and ready-to-go test environment with real-time, reconfigurable and reprogrammable SDR devices. The overall ORCA vision is to drive end-to-end wireless network innovation by bridging real-time SDR and SDN.

Martel is involved in ORCA, which started in January 2017, together with IMEC (Belgium), the Coordinator of the project, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), Katholieke Universitiet Leuven (Belgium), Technische Universität Dresden (Germany), National Instruments Dresden (Germany) and Rutgers The States University of New Jersey (USA). Seven partners with a proven track record of excellent commitment and achievements coming together to create innovation.

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The beautiful city of Ghent (Belgium) hosted the ORCA kick-off

Martel will play different roles within the project. Besides supporting the Project Coordinator IMEC with management duties, Martel is in charge of leading the dissemination and communication effort to bring the project concepts, technologies and offered experimental facilities to all relevant stakeholders. Besides the web site, branding guidelines and templates, a first important outcome is the ORCA leaflet that Martel produced in the past weeks. The idea is to provide a glance of what the project plans to achieve and offer during the next 3 years!

Martel will also lead the Open Calls for Experimentation that will involve experimenters for validating advanced Cognitive Radio solutions using ORCA testbed and ORCA SDR platforms. Five testbed facilities with complementary capabilities to enable innovative communications research will be opened for experiments.

Martel is happy of being part of the ORCA family. It is a great opportunity to consolidate our experience and position in the field of large-scale experimentation on management and control of cognitive radio, and more specifically within the Software Defined Radio/flexible networking domain.

If you want to know more about the project visit the ORCA website:

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