Back from the AIOTI Matchmaking Event

The European Alliance of IoT Innovation (AIOTI) – initiated by the European Commission in 2015 – has the mission to establish a dynamic European IoT ecosystem. It promotes convergence & interoperability of IoT standards and the Digitising European Industry policy.

AIOTI Matchmaking Event

The AIOTI involves and actively recruits key IoT industrial players, from large companies to successful SMEs and dynamic startups, to well-known European research centres, universities, to associations and to public bodies. For Martel, as a partner of U4IoT project, and actor in different IoT-related initiatives in Europe, it was natural to join AIOTI.

As a member of the Alliance, Martel attended the first AIOTI Matchmaking event organised on February 15th, 2017 in Brussels. It was designed to facilitate the concrete collaboration between SMEs, research entities and larger members companies that are active in the IoT topic, shaping the future of IoT Innovations.

AIOTI Matchmaking Event

The efficient half-day event was kicked off by the Acting Chairman of AIOTI as well the SME Chair, followed by EC’s perspectives on the IoT Framework and initiatives. After an SME testimonial and introduction to the matchmaking roundtables, five topics of matchmaking were organised:

  • Transparency and Shared Innovation
  • Security in IoT
  • Gap Analysis
  • Data
  • Standardization

The full programme is available online.

The event was very interesting for Martel: We had the chance to engage with other AIOTI actors, and take active part to the discussion on Standardisation. Martel believes in the primary importance on narrowing the pletora of standards, data models and API in IoT landscape, especially now that IoT is becoming a standard solutions in many sector. Adoption of common solutions in different vertical sectors will help to boost the innovation in European thanks to the creation of a Digital Single Market for IoT solutions. In this respect, in the meeting it was also discussed how the European Commission should play a relevant role in supporting the process, for example by introducing policies on the Openness of Standards and APIs developed with the contribution of public funding. Martel fully support this idea and because of that, it is engaged in the adoption and promotion of Open Source solutions, such as FIWARE.

As a partner of U4IoT project, Martel is looking forward for further collaborations and engagements with the AIOTI community!