Martel attending the Mobile World Congress 2017

Martel is about to land at the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the GSMA and held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, 27 February – 2 March 2017.

Embracing the mobile industry major trends

This year the Mobile World Congress programme has been organised aroung 7 core themes that provide specific indications about the core strategic priorities the worldwide mobile industry sector is focusing on:

  • Content and media
  • Consumer IoT
  • The 4th industrial revolution
  • Government and public policy
  • Networks
  • Platforms
  • Sustainable development

Being Martel involved in a number of innovation projects and initiatives spanning across all these 7 core domains, to be at the MWC 2017 represents a unique opportunity to get closer to our customers and partners and better position our consulting, technical and media services.

Martel at MWC 2017: highlights

  • Dr. Monique Calisti, Executive Director and Partner of Martel Innovate, will  help running the 5G-Infrastructure Association (5G-IA) Press, Media & Analyst Event: “5G Action Plan: from Research to Trials” that will be held on the 28th February, 14:00, Room 1, in the Media Village @MWC.
    The progress achieved by the European 5G-Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) initiative will be presented and discussed at this event that will focus on recommendations of the EU telecom sector towards harmonized 5G standardisation, spectrum, deployment and regulation from this work. Roberto Viola, Director General of DG CONNECT at the European Commission, as well as executives from leading global technology member companies, will discuss the progress being achieved through European 5G Research, the emergence of 5G standards, and prospects for investments in the new infrastructure, while representatives of the vertical industries and the public sector will outline their needs and expectations for 5G. The roadmap for the implementation of advanced pre-commercial trials, to be launched in key sectors in 2018 and to be promoted at EU level, will be presented, in view of ensuring Europe leadership in the context of the accelerated global agenda for the introduction of 5G.
  • The Horizon 2020 project FLAME, which Martel Innovate is involved in and that Dr. Calisti represents as Manager of 3rd Party Engagement Strategy, will be presented at the #MWC2017 by Dirk Trossen, Principal Scientist at InterDigital Europe and Technical Manager of FLAME, at the InterDigital booth (Hall 7, Booth C61). The FLAME project aims to develop an integrated software platform that utilizes the advances of compute & storage as well as software-based communication infrastructures and to define a methodology for real-life, large-scale experimentation of personalised, interactive, mobile and localised media experiments. At the MWC 2017, you will experience personalized Virtual Reality solution developed by InterDigital that provides improvements due to an internally developed tile-based retrieval solutions that combines, among others, the latest InterDigital FLIPS Next Generation Network solution. A second demo will showcase the latter solution separately in an HTTP-level streaming scenario where we will demonstrate a performance gain for personalized video streaming scenarios in the order of 3000%.

Stay tuned on Martel Innovate Twitter channel @Martel_Innovate for more news to come from #MWC2017 in the next days!