RIFE @MWC2016: architectuRe for an Internet For Everybody

RIFE stand at MWC2016

RIFE stand at MWC2016

Our business partner InterDigital (IDCC) presented at the recent MWC2016 the IP-over-ICN solution that is fundamental for the RIFE project, an H2020 Research and Innovation Action Martel is coordinating, within deployments such as the ones pursued within the guifi.net initiative.

IDCC presented a scaled demo with 30 users requesting an HTTP-level video stream, leading to a performance factor of 3 over conventional IP.

IDCC also showcased the ability to relocate service endpoints at runtime with the video being played out locally at Barcelona, while continuing to serve the original video to the remote 30 users.

The booth was well-visited with lots of interests in the underlying technology and the plans for trials. Some leaflets with general informations about RIFE were distributed at the booth as well.

For more information about RIFE, please, check our project’s web site at: https://rife-project.eu/