Stakeholder engagement

Identify your targets

A successful innovation project requires a full network of supporting stakeholders, each of whom has their own needs and expectations. From the media to the government, it’s important to know your stakeholders, engage with them, and ensure they get the information they need, when they need it.

To ensure your project identifies and engages with the correct stakeholders, our team can guide and support you in identifying your targets, then assist in building and maintaining the relationships you develop.

Our process

Early in the project, we conduct a thorough internal and external stakeholder analysis to identify your stakeholders. Drawing on our experience, we identify and examine key factors including proximity to your project, demographics, interest in the project, needs and concerns, expectations of your project and any previous public statements.

With the potential stakeholders identified, we then analyse your stakeholders’ level of influence and their interest in relation to your project’s scope of work. This allows us to predict how a particular stakeholder may interact with you and manage the relationship accordingly.

We will then work together to identify the opportunities we have to engage the most influential stakeholders and leverage their expertise and prominence to impact positively on your project. During this process we will also map potential roadblocks and define your positioning to avoid any negative reactions to our outreach program.