Marketing & Communications

Maximum impact with your communications activities

Our expert marketing & communications team can help you achieve maximum impact with your communications activities. From designing your strategy and executing your collateral development and content production, to social media management and video shooting, Martel’s experts can help.

Marketing & communications strategy

Where and how to communicate

Knowing where and how to communicate is as important, if not more so, than what you communicate. We will work with you to ensure that your project is communicated effectively to the stakeholders most interested in hearing about it.

  • Communications strategy development: We will develop a strategy and positioning that best supports your project’s communications needs, and draft the supporting documentation and materials needed to ensure that the strategy grows with your needs.
  • Channel selection: With more than 20 years in the industry, Martel has a deep understanding of the best channels to communicate innovation projects, and a strong network of interested external stakeholders. Our team will work with you to select and populate your optimal communications channels.
Communications support

Focus on what you do best

On projects where there are insufficient internal resources for communications, we can bridge that gap. With a dedicated media team, we can produce and manage your communications outreach, leaving your team to focus on what it does best.

  • Social media management: Let us manage your social media outreach, from concept to completion. Our team can take your ideas, transform them to fit the platform, schedule the outreach and monitor the impact.
  • Key stakeholder management: From media to government, we can manage all your critical communications, from drafting to submission.
  • Website news and updates: Our web team can manage your site, keep it up-to-date, and ensure all your activities are covered by a professionally-written news article.
Content development

Content is king

Having the channels means nothing without engaging, informative and timely content to fill them. Our professionals can draft your texts, shoot your videos, or even write your speeches.

  • Content, writing and editing: Producing good content takes skill and experience, and we have both. Our content team will ensure that you have the right content for your channels, professionally produced and ready for distribution.
  • Video storyboarding and shooting: We live in a multimedia age, and to be heard we must use every tool we can. Martel can provide full support for your multimedia needs, from storyboarding your shoot to execution and post-production.
  • Speechwriting and scripting: Make the most of your presentations or interviews with a professionally written speech. Just specify the format and requirements, and let our experts get to work!
Design & production

Good design is invisible

  • Graphic design: Our design team can produce all the materials your project might require, from brochures and roll-ups to magazines and media kits.
  • Print production: The world of printing can be complex and obscure. Let our team be your single point of contact in managing your print production and distribution needs.