Channel building

Solid channels for distribution

Successful outreach for your brand depends on having solid channels for distribution. Martel Media can help you build the network you need from digital to traditional. Websites, intranets, social media, multimedia, and print – we can support your needs.

Digital communities

Innovation can’t happen in a vacuum. We can help build the digital community of stakeholders your project requires – internal, external, mixed or both. Our experienced team will help you select the right channels and platforms to work from, and provide the guidance you need to get your community started and growing.

  • A correctly built and maintained digital community encourages collaboration among participants, and acts as a reservoir of talent and ideas to draw upon.
  • Providing an online home for your discussions reduces email chatter and noise, keeping your inbox clean and making sure that everyone is always aligned and up-to-date.
External communications

Make sure you’re reaching your target audience in the most effective and engaging way. Our communications team will help you target your audience and select the best channels to reach them, as well as provide guidance and support in how to them informed up to date.

  • Formal communications such as press releases and info kits are excellent ways to engage with business and media stakeholders, who often lack the patience to sift through longer documents to find the details they are looking for. Our media team can help position, write and distribute your PR campaigns to the right audience at the right time.
  • Less formal output such as marketing communications also need care. From your website text to your brochures, it’s important that the right balance between information and excitement is maintained.
Social media

The backbone of informal digital communications, social media can be a blessing if used correctly. From guidelines and training to active support and content generation, we can keep your feeds full and your followers growing.

  • Twitter. From writing to publicising, our team can manage your twitter feed to ensure your message reaches the right audience – whether they’ve heard of your project before, or not.
  • LinkedIn. Establish yourself as a thought leader in your field on LinkedIn, through careful usage of blogs, commentary, and groups.
  • Other social networks. Depending on your needs, we can help establish your presence on facebook, Instagram, Weibo, or any other network of your choice.
Internal communications

On decentralized or complex projects, it is often valuable to invest in strong internal communications. Establishing clear and open channels of communication and the guidelines on how to use them can save time, money and frustration by making work flow smoothly and predictably.

  • Using a cloud-based platform can help ensure that document version errors are minimized while collaboration is maximized. With strong experience in building internal communications structures, our team will help you pick the platform and structure right for your project and partner base.
  • Establishing internally communicated documentation can immediately ease up backchatter via email, improve content production lead times, and ensure that everyone is working efficiently on what they do best. Our team will work with you to define what protocols and process you need, then design and deploy them to your team.