Brand building & strategy

A strong and memorable brand

A strong and memorable brand is key to seizing the attention of your target audience, whether it be clients, investors or partners. Your brand establishes the boundaries of your organization’s look and feel, its persona, and how it engages with its stakeholders.

Brand strategy

Make the right moves

When you create your brand, you want to be sure it’s right for your market and your ambitions. To do that, you need to know exactly what your brand is, who wants to know about it, and what they want from it. Once all that’s understood, you’ve still got to know how to effectively access your target market.

It can be a daunting task, but Martel Media can bridge that gap for you. Our experts will work with you to build an impactful, engaging brand that engages your target market without distracting from your core competence – innovation!

  • Market analysis. The whos, whats, and whys of your market. Know where you stand and who the players are, so you’re not making moves in the dark.
  • Positioning. As Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” Your innovation is the lever, and your positioning is the fulcrum. We help you choose it wisely.
  • Outreach strategy. How to capture the engagement your brand requires? Go out and get it – with Martel’s help. Through our deep network and experienced team, we can plan your outreach strategy and help you execute it.
Brand design

Make your brand impactful

Your brand is the face your project presents to the world, and we can help it look its best. More than just a graphical package, our experienced design team will work with you to assemble a complete corporate design (CD) toolbox to ensure that everything you do is properly branded for maximum impact and engagement.

Your complete CD toolbox will contain:

  • Brand visual identity. Also called the look and feel, this is the core of how your brand presents itself. It includes logo, font packs, and general design elements.
  • Detailed usage guidelines. The complement to the visual identity, the usage guidelines specify exactly how and when to properly use the brand elements to ensure a consistent look & feel.
  • Templates. Our design team will create a brand compliant set of templates for immediate use, including letterheads, brochures, presentations, and business cards.
  • Graphics guide. For those cases outside of the usual usage, this guide provides samples and guidelines for creating impactful, brand compliant infographics, roll-ups, and other graphical elements.
  • Image bank. Our design team will work with you to select a suitable image bank of brand-appropriate images and photos, acquire the usage rights, and define usage cases.
Brand persona

Find your brand’s identity

Defining a strong, identifiable brand  persona and voice are powerful tools for getting your brand messaging heard and accepted. Your brand persona can be considered as the avatar of your brand – if your brand was a person, who would it be? How would they speak to your audience?

Our team will work with you to define your brand persona, and establish a clear sense of what your brand’s voice would be – is your brand speaking academically as a professor, or disruptively as an entrepreneur, or perhaps both, depending on the channel?

Your persona toolbox will include:

  • Persona definition and explanation. A simple guide as to who is your brand, and why.
  • Language and usage. A guideline to writing that includes exactly how to use the brand persona to maximise the impact of your communications and marketing materials.
  • Tone and voice. Specific usage cases and text samples to illustrate your brand persona, including examples on how different audiences and channels will affect the output persona, tone and voice.