Building it right

Prototyping can be a long and complex process, especially when working with innovative technology. Pushing the boundaries of the state-of-the-art can be frustrating, as many different components must all interact correctly.

The Martel Lab will serve as your prototyping and testing partner to develop applications based on cutting edge solutions such as Docker and FIWARE. With our team of highly-skilled experts, we can help you in embracing latest technologies, and moving your monolithic application into the realm of native cloud applications.

Draw on our deep expertise in cloud architectures and cloud solutions (AWS, Docker, OpenStack, Kubernates, etc.) to refactor your application or to design your innovative services to be ready for the cloud.

Do you need multi-site architectures? High-availability of data and services? Self-healing applications? Talk to us. Do you need a FIWARE expert, able to help you in laying out a cloud-based and scalable IoT infrastructure? We are key contributors to the FIWARE initiative since day 1, and we are leading activities on production quality deployment of FIWARE services. You can also count on us to integrate your legacy infrastructure and services into FIWARE.