mcb tech.21

10/06/2021 @ 13:30 – 16:00

mcb tech

Be future-ready with mcb tech
Mcb tech .21 focuses on topics that challenge our common future as it is driven and shaped by technology. The conference addresses how the huge tech shifts impact both businesses and society and looks into both business opportunities and ethical dilemmas.

(Previous speakers include Richard RumeltDavid Carroll (The Great Hack, Netflix), Shivvy Jervis, Dr. Ayesha KhannaMarty Cagan.)

This year’s line-up includes:

  • Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff – featured in the Netflix docudrama, “The Social Dilemma”. Zuboff is a powerful global voice against tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and their use of our personal information. Needless to say, this is one of the scariest developments in the digital age and one with catastrophic consequences.
  • Jake Tapper, CNN Chief Washington Correspondent. Tapper presents the story of the enthralling mix of “fake news”, “alternative facts”, disturbed leaders, and a never-ending election coverage – with CNN at the epicenter of it all. When journalists are framed as “enemies of the people,” and the lines between facts and lies are blurred – how can democracy prevail?
  • The king of disruptors, Brett King. King is a thought leader within disruption and innovation, a world-renowned futurist.

We will also be showcasing some of the exciting media and fintech startups that Norway has to offer: FactiverseMjollVisualystBulder BankKronand

The full program for mcb tech .21 can be found here.

Date: 10 June

Time: 13:30 – 16:00

Cost: Free admission and open to all