5G-DRIVE present at Digital around the world

20/10/2020 @ 11:00 – 12:00

digital-around-the-worldOur colleague Kai Zhang will be hosting and moderating the session “EU-China Collaboration in the 5G domain” during the Digital Around the World” event.

The questions in the panel are so far going to be focusing on showcasing the good practices from the twinning experience between 5G-DRIVE and the China Mobile led project:

  1. What, from your experience, has been a good practice during the collaboration?
  2. Anything that you would like to recommend for other cooperation projects?
  3. What do you see as future trend of EU-China cooperation in ICT?


  • Intro (Kai Zhang, Martel)
  • Keynote opening: EU strategy on 5G and with China (Jean-Pierre Bienaime, IREST / 5G-DRIVE project Advisory Board member)
  • Intro to the two twinning projects – outlining the main cooperation goals and achievements for two projects (EU side: Uwe Herzog, Eurescom / Tao Chen, VTT /
    China side: Jianhua Liu, China Mobile)
  • Discussion Panel – best practices from the twin project and opportunities for cooperation (Moderator: Latif Ladid, Univ. Luxembourg / Kai Zhang, Martel)
  • Panelists: Yinxiang Zheng (China Mobile), Jianhua Liu (China Mobile), Uwe Herzog (Eures), Tao Chen (VTT), Matti Kutila (VTT), JP Bienaime (IREST) and Chih-Lin (China Mobile))
  • Keynote closing: Forward-looking: EU-China / international cooperation priorities in 5G (Chih- Lin I, China Mobile)

Website of the event: https://digitalaroundtheworld.org/