to-euro-5gThe To-Euro-5G project has a prime objective to support the activities of the European 5G Initiative during the second phase of the 5G PPP from June 2017 to June 2019.

The 5G PPP Phase 2 projects will be obliged by Article 41.4 of their respective grant agreements to enact a Collaboration Agreement and participate in a number of strategic cross project horizontal activities and To-Euro-5G will assist with orchestrating this agreement and these activities.

The To-Euro-5G project will further develop and progress a strategic communications plan to ensure the best possible impact is achieved with the technical results of the 5G PPP projects and the horizontal activities of the 5G PPP programme.

The To-Euro-5G project will support the 5G PPP high level goal of maintaining and enhancing the competitiveness of the European ICT industry, and seeking European leadership in the 5G domain. The European 5G Action Plan[1] will require an overview of the 5G PPP projects trial/demo/showcase potential. The To-Euro-5G project will facilitate the new Trials Working Group, which was launched by the 5G Infrastructure Association in 5G PPP in September 2016.

The To-Euro-5G project also has the underlying ambition to ensure that European society, via the Vertical sectors, can enjoy the economic and societal benefits these future 5G networks can provide.