TEADALTEADAL is an Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action that aims to provide key cornerstone technologies to create stretched data lakes spanning the cloud-edge continuum and multi-cloud, providing privacy, confidentiality, and energy-efficient data management. The TEADAL data lake technologies will enable trusted, verifiable and energy efficient data flows, both in a stretched data lake and across a trustworthy mediatorless federation of them, based on a shared approach for defining, enforcing, and tracking privacy/confidentiality requirements balanced with the need for energy reduction.

Martel plays a key role in the project as expert technical partner by contributing to energy-aware data management, active contributions/liaisons to relevant open source initiatives and and policy definition tools for managing data use. In doing so, Martel aims to explore relevant enhancements to its IoT Platform, Orchestra Cities in relation to cloud-edge automation and privacy enhanced data flows. Within TEADAL, Martel will also be leading dissemination and communication activities to ensure broad outreach and significant impact of the project’s outcomes.