The vision of HORSE is to deal with the technology solutions, and system evaluation not yet foreseen, towards an omnipresent, smart and secure network service provisioning in the future network-of-networks landscape. To this end, HORSE proposes a novel human-centric, open-source, green, sustainable, coordinated provisioning and protection evolutionary platform, which can inclusively yet seamlessly combine advancements in several domains, as they get added to the system (e.g., predictive threats detection, proactive business-wise threats and breaches mitigation actions, programmable networking, semantic communications, Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), intent-based networking, AI-based techniques, cross-layer management of physical layer features, etc.).

In HORSE, Martel leads communication, dissemination and community building to ensure broad and durable impact of the project’s outcomes. Martel technical team contributes to the design, implementation and validation of components in HORSE. Specific focus will be on the design and development of the AI engine, as well as on the design and implementation of the tools and services for establishing and applying data policies concerning all types of data stored and handled by the HORSE platform