ETHER – sElf-evolving terrestrial/non-Terrestrial Hybrid nEtwoRks

ETHER is part of the European Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU), a public-private partnership that aims to facilitate and develop industrial leadership in Europe in 5G and 6G networks and services. It will provide a framework for the terrestrial/non-terrestrial network ecosystem that involves an efficient and zero-touch resource management, provides solution for key radio access network (RAN) challenges, and identifies the business opportunities for potential stakeholders.

ETHER relies on the following innovations:

  • Unified RAN advancements that enable broadband connectivity from every corner of the world even with handheld devices.
  • Intelligent management of the 3D network resources for meeting predefined KPIs, allowing the network to self-adapt to rapidly evolving traffic conditions and situations on the ground without human intervention.
  • A distributed 3D computing and caching medium enabling the reduction of response delays by alleviating congestions towards cloud data center.

To realize this novel system concept, ETHER relies on a multi-layered and unified space-aerial-terrestrial architecture, leveraging the benefits of Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML) for the optimization of the highly complex and heterogeneous “network of networks”.

In ETHER, Martel leads communication, dissemination, exploitation and standardization activitees to ensure broad and durable impact of the project’s outcomes.

This 3 years project has started in January 2023.

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