Happy Thanksgiving!

It does seem like a good occasion to write about my first weeks with Martel Innovate.

Everyone who goes after their dreams deserves, from time to time, a shift in life that leads them a bit closer to what they want in life. Moving to Zurich is definitely one of such “shifts” for me, both personally and professionally.

Thanks to Martel, a dynamic and agile SME focusing on promoting international collaboration projects, I am able to work on things I like to do and do well in, in a city where I’d like to spend a good part of my life.

How did all this happen? I think it is “mutual attraction”.  I like to believe that all relations in the world entails fundamentally human to human interaction, professional ones in particular – sometimes you just “know” that it will work or not. It happens that I was ready to move to Switzerland, when Martel had a vacancy that its profile almost looked tailored for me – EC projects, good proposal writing, 5 years experience, focusing on international cooperation, dissemination and communication related tasks, etc.

Kai@5GeventRomeMy imagination of how Martel works – flexibly, efficiently, team-oriented –  got initially proved via participating in and observing the first event that some of my colleagues organised #GLOBAL5G @5GPPP. It was in my opinion, using a classic Chinese saying, “fighting a heavy-weight battle with a feather-weight body”

— and we fought well. Four members, taking care of things from as trivial as verification of name tags, preparing participant package, to as crucial as ensuring high-level guests from all around the world sharing opinions on how to make our world closer to #5G. Yes, we met some difficulties, a bit of misunderstandings and different opinions along the process, but a “winning battle” by definition is never seen segmented, but as a whole and final.


This is just one event, it might not be wise to generalise everything about event-organisation of Martel, for that I had also been involved in multiple cross-continental events with hundreds of participants and high-level speakers. More than the success of the event itself, what I see from this and value the most, it is HOW we won: team members reaching out to support each other without question, quickly getting to their positions and taking care of given tasks, showing understandings and feeling free to express their constructive ideas. This I believe would make the team excel, in more cases to come.

Let alone that it is a truly international team! British, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Swiss, Argentinian, Finnish…

#Teamwork →  dream works 🙂

It is not yet even a month that I have been here, and I am already pretty much enjoying my first weeks as a Martel-er, together with the welcoming atmosphere in #Zurich.

See you around both online through our social media @Martel_Innovate and offline with a thrilling list of activities and events!

Oh wait, I’m looking to our new offices in Zurich, after #Bern (Gümligen) and #Lugano. Always be at your convenience!

On this special day, let’s stay thankful, reflected and loaded – with appreciation, motivation and strength to move ahead!