Martel at EuCnC 2016 – Lessons learned

I am back last night from Athens after 4 intense days of EuCNC, days in which we learnt a lot. I must admit it’s very difficult to capture everything in a few lines or pictures, but here we are. Sharing with you all!

We have been able to learn from our partners in the 5G PPP and in the FIRE domains, from the European Commission, from our fantastic hosts in Athens, from our colleagues in the 5G Infrastructure Association and from all people we had the privilege to work or spend time with.

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We learned EuCNC is confirming to be an international conference of excellent quality. More than 520 people registered to EuCNC, participants came from the 23 EU Member States and 12 non-EU countries, 35% of submitted papers came from outside Europe.

We learned, or better realised once more, European’s leadership in the Networks and Communications landscape.

We learned how great is Greek hospitality, besides their land, culture, food and tradition.

We learned that, no matter what will be happening at the political level, our UK colleagues will continue to be part of the team.

We learned Martel can do more and even better!

Martel is a dynamic team that is growing in several directions, but that has the ambition to stay focused on excellence in innovation.

And in the last days we learned that the 5G PPP context has plenty of room for that. So for sure you’ll see more of us around, so stay tuned!