Why is competition in H2020 much stronger?

How comes the number of proposals has explonentially increased in many ICT topics?

No secret nor big suprise really: it all depends on the fact that the cost model for funding has drastically changed. When compared to FP7, for all Industrial and SMEs players in Europe to be involved in Research and Innovation Actions and/or Coordination and Support Actions is a unique opportunity to capitilize on their innovation investments, as all costs are in H2020 refunded at 100% rate – while in the past, for both STREPs and IPs, funding was limited to cover 50% or 75% of the planned costs for big industrial players and SMEs respectively.

This means nowawdays, even more than in the past, you must strive for excellence. Good proposals, good consortia, good ideas are simply not enough.

You need to have innovative ideas, excellent partners, well-structured work plans and master the proposal’s preparation proces in all its parts.

Understanding how your planned R&D activities WILL be able to effectively create IMPACT and contribute to realise the work programme vision and achieve your project’s objectives is key to success.

Companies like Martel Innovate, with strong and consolidated expertise in EC funding and projects, can make the difference and help putting together excellent proposals. This will not guarantee you’ll make it to the grant, but it will definetely increase your chances of success, help learning how to more effectively prepare your next proposals and provide unique contacts to the broad international R&D&I community.