Lamprini Kolovou


LampriniLamprini Kolovou

Head of Consulting

Dr. Lamprini Kolovou is the Head of the Consulting Team in Martel and she joined Martel in October 2018, starting as a Senior Project Manager.

Lamprini, beyond coordinating the work, the organisation and the internal tools of the consulting team to better offer Martel’s services under the EC Funded and Innovation projects, she also involved in management / coordination for a number of ongoing Horizon 2020 projects and supports the technical management and other project implementation tasks including communication and dissemination activities, market research and exploitation planning, open calls management and strategic roadmapping activities. Lamprini is heavily involved as well in the preparation of new project proposals supporting all lines of business and providing consulting and training services to third parties in relation to H2020.

Prior to joining Martel, Lamprini worked as a senior project manager and technical manager for various organisations including large industry, academia and in the public sector. Working in the domain since 2015, she brings a broad experience and know-how in the management and development of EU and national co-funded ICT projects.

Although holding a PhD in Health Informatics, Lamprini’s experience and interests extend to the domains of e-Learning and digital education, IoT, Industry 4.0 and more, with a special technical interest and experience in interoperability, software engineering, reference modelling, social platforms and open content.