Eugenia Kypriotis


Eugenia_KypriotisEugenia Kypriotis

Senior Project Manager

Eugenia Kypriotis holds a degree in History and Philosophy of Science from University of Athens and a master’s degree (MSc) on Science Communication from Imperial College London. Her career began as a Project Manager, at NGO level, organizing global science events, and it continued as a Project Manager at institutions with decision-making authority in the areas of innovation and education. She has over ten years of experience as a senior executive managing large-scale EU projects and has a track record of working in the research sector. She has worked on numerous projects serving initially research in the fields of Science Communication, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Citizen Science and Open Science. Later in her career, she shifted her interest to managing funded projects in the Biotechnology sector with a focus on the shaping of personalized medicine and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). In the same context she has been assigned the lead for the launch of a postgraduate programme in the field. Today, Eugenia is a Senior Project Manager at Martel involved in Consulting.