Albert Seubers

Albert Seuber

Albert SeuberAlbert Seubers

Director of Martel Innovate BV

Albert Seubers is the Director of Martel Innovate BV and he plays a key role in the strategic and operational business development of the company. Graduated from the Wageningen University in 1985, and worked in IT services for Public Sector ever since, being involved in many publicly funded and commercial projects and initiatives in Europe and beyond.

Albert is a strong believer in the power of data and he has been playing a major role in several smart cities initiatives as former Director global strategy IT in Cities at ATOS. As we need near real-time information to better understand the impact of our choices on the environment and liveability of our cities. Where privacy needs to be respected when capturing data, secured edge technologies are needed. Governments, cities should collaborate more to create this information driven society. Using Open Source and common interoperability mechanisms will speed up the process of realisation.